Together, we will create a dedicated hospice facility for the people of Western Montana.

Partners Hope Foundation is leading the effort to create Western Montana’s only center for end-of-life care.  We are collaborating with Partners In Home Care and our healthcare community to provide state-of-the-art, whole-person hospice care, education and support services for the entire community.

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“We envision a center that is welcoming to everyone in our Western Montana community. We envision a center where people of all ages can come to learn about the sacred and mysterious process of death and dying; a place where people can come to talk about hard things in a safe, supportive and caring atmosphere;

a center where people can talk about end-of-life options and plans away from the constraints of a doctor’s office well before their own end-of-life journey; a center to talk about funerals, burial and cremation;

a center where people can receive grief support and counseling after their loved one dies; a center where we can have classes and talks about all of these things and more.

This isn’t just a hospice center. It is an end-of-life and learning center.”

— Nancy LeBuhn Pickhardt, RN/BSN, founding board member



State-of-the-art Hospice Care

 Provide state-of-the-art hospice care — inpatient, residential and respite — for Western Montana.


End-of-life Education

Create a place where the community gathers for end-of-life education and support.


End of Life as Part of Life

Build a center for all, where the care and compassion provided values the final stage of life.

Achieving Our Goals

Over the past four years, members of the Partners Hope Foundation board engaged local healthcare providers, hospice and palliative care professionals with the goal of understanding the community’s needs. Additional findings from the Weatherbee operational feasibility study and Curt Miner and Associates’ positioning study strongly support our vision to create and sustain a center for end-of-life care for Western Montana. A center where:


dying individuals and their families can receive state-of-the-art holistic care


everyone is welcome regardless of income level or social status


grief counseling, education and other support services are provided


community collaboration is fundamental

"It is impressive to see a group of concerned community members and healthcare professionals driven to improve their community. The Partners Hope Foundation board of directors is extremely focused on success and disciplined in their approach. They did not just aspire to accomplish building a long-awaited regional center for hospice care. They have moved mountains, developed a plan and raised money. They have done everything necessary to move this community-based project forward in a professional manner. Extraordinary! I look forward to seeing their dream accomplished!"
-Curt Miner
president of Curt Miner and Associates


  • The Foundation received 501c3 status in 2017.
  • The Foundation established a collaborative agreement with Partners In Home Care, the region’s long-established home health and hospice provider, to optimize resources and ensure sustainability.
  • The Foundation secured land for the future home of the center for end-of-life care, generously donated by the Terry and Patt Payne family. The property is located on Union Pacific Street near the Reserve Street corridor.
  • The Foundation has raised $150,000 in seed money and is preparing for a capital campaign.

Community Voices

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State-of-the-art Hospice Care

Partners Hope Foundation, guided by a group of community leaders, recognizes the significant need for a dedicated hospice facility in Western Montana. Board members visited hospice facilities throughout the country, conducted an operational feasibility study and are working with local architects to design a 12 – 15 bed, 15,000-square-foot facility. Partners Hope Foundation became a 501c3 in 2017 and began collaborating with Partners In Home Care, one of the most highly regarded home health and hospice providers in our region.

End-of-life Education

A center where all people are welcome, regardless of income level or social status. A center where dying individuals and their families and communities will receive state-of-the-art holistic care, grief counseling, education and resources. A center where emotional and spiritual support is provided and allows families to make medically important decisions and plan for the end of life.

End of Life as Part of Life

Death is a life experience. Partners Hope Foundation seeks to honor that event by providing individuals and their families with the tools necessary to achieve their goals of care.