Hospice provides compassionate care for individuals experiencing life-limiting illnesses.

Hospice enables individuals to live as fully as possible at life’s end and to die with dignity and comfort surrounded by loved ones. While most hospice services are delivered at home, in some situations that is not possible. The center for end-of-life care can provide a comforting setting to deliver care when symptoms become too difficult to manage at home. Staff will be available to help evaluate which hospice setting is most appropriate for individual circumstances and consult on Medicare, insurance and all financial options available. These hospice services will be available at the center:

Inpatient Hospice

If a person’s symptoms require 24-hour professional nursing care, the center for end-of-life care can provide intensive care in a setting that is more appropriate than a hospital. Day and night, family members and friends of all ages are welcome while the patient receives around-the-clock clinical care. The center also provides dedicated spaces for quiet contemplation or prayer and amenities that can accommodate multiple generations, such as family rooms, kitchens and children’s play areas. The environment is state-of-the-art, warm and comforting. Hospice staff are there to offer the highest quality care and a listening ear, and family members can be ever-present and able to reheat a home-cooked meal or enjoy simple a cup of coffee with new friends and old.

Residential Hospice

Many people on hospice have a limited number of caregivers at home. Others have no one able to take on the significant work of a caregiver. The personal care needs of the patient can overwhelm even the most committed caregivers. Residential hospice provides dying individuals and families an alternative — a place where all individuals can die with dignity surrounded by loved ones in a home-like setting.

Respite Care

As a person’s illness progresses, caregiving can become a demanding 24/7 job. Respite care involves a short-term transfer of the patient to the center providing caregivers the opportunity to take care of their own essential needs. This respite offers a much-needed break for caregivers, so they can continue providing quality care at home.