We are creating an innovative center for end-of-life care that offers comprehensive programs and services.

Partners Hope Foundation is creating a center, where all can learn about death, plan their vision for the end of life and find the emotional and spiritual support needed. Our program goals include:


Educational Opportunities

Seminars, panel discussions, webinars and hands-on training for caregivers will be available on-site and through our website. Topics may include cultural traditions at the end of life, suicide prevention, new options for pain management and understanding fear of death.


End-of-Life Planning

Resources and coaching for medical advanced care planning incorporating advanced directives and Five Wishes resources will be provided in collaboration with Providence St. Patrick Hospital and community partners.


Grief Support

We look forward to partnering with regional grief groups, our faith community, and bereavement and grief professionals. Their expertise, resources, counseling and guidance will guide our work with families as they cope with the loss of family members and friends.


Resource Center

Our library and resource center will be available to all. Multimedia formats will be available for check-out. We will collaborate with our community partners in providing a one-stop resource center for all end-of-life subjects.


Caregiver Support

We will provide respite care for caregivers and offer bereavement groups, grief gardening workshops, art therapies and individual counseling.


Community Events

The Western Montana community has many opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to exploring partnerships across the region that acknowledge and celebrate the journey we all share.