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Ryann Halsey - Community Voice

Ryann, hospice social worker

Social workers wear a lot of hats. Working with a multi-disciplinary hospice team, our role is a continuum of professional services from providing counseling and education to linking patients and families to available community resources. We often are involved in facility and home placement and help families access the resources they need to take care of their loved ones, so patients can have a quality dying experience. Together, our team can create profoundly special experiences that help our clients achieve their end-of-life goals. Yet, we still see patients and families suffer, even after we have exhausted all available resources.

A center for end-of-life care is incredibly important in fulfilling the mission to create truly quality end-of-life experiences for our community members. It’s a resource that will especially help people who do not have the financial resources or family support systems to have the end-of-life experience they envision for themselves. A dedicated facility for end-of-life care will enable our community to offer a place of comfort and peace to all.